In clear, inspiring language, Every Member a Friend shares a refreshing and powerful way to do member missionary work and strengthen the church. We are encouraged to become authentic, dependable friends, rather than to force premature conversations about our faith. Proven in the mission field, this approach comes as a welcome relief to timid members and is both easy and effective. The central message is this: seek first for friends, not for investigators, and soon you will have both.

Most books on the topic of member missionary work prod members to muster up sufficient courage to talk to acquaintances and strangers about the Church. That approach has become less effective in an increasingly secular society, often giving others the impression that we care more about church growth than we do about people. Based on 40 years of successful experience, Every Member a Friend encourages us to first show enduring interest in people, independent of any interest they may have in our faith. This enables subsequent and effective introductions to our culture and our treasured message. Drawing on the analogy of farmers who till the ground before planting, the book explains that people, too, must first be prepared before receiving the seeds of the gospel.


Note: The book has sold out completely.  Try online at Deseret Book, or try (for used copies).  Thank you!



Jon,I just want to let you know that your book has inspired me. I have felt quite discouraged over the years trying to wrap my head (and heart) around missionary work in our day. You perfectly describe the dilemma and frustration I have felt. There seems to be so few interested, and of those who take interest, so few who keep commitments. And of those who keep initial commitments, so few who stay true long term. I’ve often felt like throwing my hands in the air, wondering if we are wasting our time and efforts. My only consolation has been considering how the Lord is molding and shaping young men and young women through much adversity and rare “success.”

I now feel revitalized and have renewed hope. I’ve already shared principles from your book with my sons who are currently serving in Chile. I have also begun to bring it up with our ward council. Thank you for sharing your inspiration and for writing it so well. Every time I have started to think, “Well, what about this? . . . or that? . . . and you follow up with something perfect. I am excited about missionary work again!  Sincerely,  David Shumway, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion, Dallas, TX

"Jon Prince has been a delight to work with on a book that sheds a fresh and important perspective on missionary work. The idea of building friendships is fundamental to sharing the gospel. But Prince's view that friendship is often the preceding element to conversion is a key to successful missionary outreach. This book will change the way missionaries go about their work. It will change the importance members place on building solid friendships."



“I was intrigued by the title, “Every Member a Friend,” but after reading it, I’m profoundly moved and inspired.  This is the critical key in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and His love to others.  We start with the love!  I was grateful not only for the shift in perspective but also for the concrete direction on how to implement this in my life.  This is critical for every member of the Church to grasp.  Many thanks to Jonathan M. Prince for sharing such incredible insights.”

Merrilee A. Boyack, author of “When I’m a Missionary” and co-editor of “Will My Child Be Ready? Missionary Prep for Moms"

“In my calling as a ward missionary, I have used Jon’s positive, uplifting book.  It gave me new insights on what it means to be a missionary. My ward now has the motto of being “The Friendliest Ward.” The principles in his book have made missionary work more enjoyable, motivational, and fun. I want to go out and love and be friends with those with whom I come in contact. It has made a great difference in my calling.”


Del Parson

LDS artist

Cedar City, UT

Special thanks for the beautiful landscape photography of Poland (home page) from my good friend, Przemysław Kruk

“Among many books written by former LDS Mission Presidents, “Every member a friend” stands out.  Based on years of missionary experience, Jon Prince has created a plan which removes fear from missionary work by emphasizing friendship.  His plan clearly demonstrates how “genuine friendship” is the key to success.  Examples from his experience in Colombia verify the effectiveness of this approach in terms of conversion and retention.  Moreover, these experiences help the reader catch a glimpse of international Church history.  For any and all involved in missionary work this book is essential.”


Donald Q. Cannon, professor emeritus of Church History and Doctrine and former Associate Dean of Religious Education at Brigham Young University.   Orem, Utah


"Years ago I was serving a full time mission in Cali, Colombia, South America, and not having much success. Then my companion and I taught the gospel of Jesus Christ to a young man who had many caring, involved member friends. He joined the Church with ease and remained steadfast. We witnessed friend power! That event changed my mission. 35 years later my wife and I were called back to preside over the same mission. I resolved to lose no time sharing with our missionaries the lessons I had learned years before; namely, how to work with members productively, how to use church activities effectively, and how successful missionary work is a natural by-product of authentic friendship. Now I have written a book, Every Member a Friend, to share the same ideas with you."

Every Member a Friend contains four sections; the first section of the book explains the theme. The remaining three sections contain suggestions for members, full-time missionaries, and leaders. Read all four sections to understand how we are to work together. The book is not directly about missionary work or reactivation. Instead, the subject or idea is pre-missionary work, or the foundation upon which all our efforts must rest.

Because new convert retention, activation, and missionary work are all related, the book also contains sections that explain how to effectively reach less-active church and family members. As you read the book, you will see that only when we adopt the saying, “Every member a friend,” will we fulfill the prophetic charge, “Every member a missionary.”  


Note: The book has sold out completely.  Try online at Deseret Book, or try (for used copies).  Thank you!


Raised in Northern California, Jonathan M. Prince has served as a full-time missionary, translator for general conference, seminary teacher, bishop, high councilor, stake presidency member, regional welfare agent, mission president, and ward mission leader. He has addressed numerous ward, branch, and stake audiences on the topic of missionary work and has written for the ENSIGN magazine.  Jon is a graduate of Brigham Young University (B.S., 1979) and the University of Utah (MBA, 1980). He worked in the U.S. housing finance industry for 30 years and is currently Chief Executive Officer of DataSmart Solutions, a Leavitt Group company.  Jon is married to Joni Clement Prince, and they are the parents of five children and have 14 grandchildren; they now reside in Southern Utah where Jon serves as ward mission leader.

Upon returning home from his recent service in Colombia he set out to assemble and organize the methods that the missionaries and local leaders within the Colombia Cali Mission (2011 - 2014) used to establish the church.  He tells the story of Every member a friend in his own words:


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